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Avatar The Legend of Korra returns

Somehow the return of Avatar the Legend of Korra snuck up on me and I had no idea it premiered. I managed to watch the first three episodes of season three and here is what I have to say. I liked what I saw, the writers saw the flaw of season two concerning ‘boyfriends’ as a main plot, touched on it briefly and threw it out the window because everyone knew that it’s a stupid thing to bring into a thirteen episode long season.

I’m a bit concerned nickelodeon decided to air three episodes friday night, sure it’s awesome that we get ninety minutes of a great show, but that just means we only have ten more episodes to enjoy and what may be the last season since Avatar The Last Airbender was only three seasons long.

There were quite a lot of twists that the first episode alone presented to the audience, and they will be discussed now.

From this point on there will probably be spoilers, please do not read if you do not wish to know them.

AIR BENDERS ARE BACK! A few weeks ago I had seen the previews of people airbending and my thoughts were ‘did either Aeng or Tenzin participate in infidelity? or did Tenzin get drunk a few nights before getting married?” I honestly was concerned that the writers would place such an adult theme in a television show that has teens and children as it’s target audience. Much to the (probable) relief to adults and parents who watch the show this wasn’t the case.

Something happened with Harmonic Convergence at the end of last season and Air Benders have returned to the Avatar universe. The first three episodes plays it out similar to X-Men where a person discovers a mutant ability, in this case air bending, and are scared and terrified and have no idea what to do. Legend of Korra puts a great twist on this since people who awaken as air benders don’t want to convert to the air nomad way of life due to not wanting to leave their families or go through a huge life change (or in some cases are such inconsiderate social shut-ins that even by force they can’t leave).

Regardless Korra is on a global search to find and train airbenders with Tenzin, I think this is a great change from the usual shenanigans of republic city that we’ve gotten use to. It takes us back to Ba Sing Se and the Earth Kingdom where it looks like Legend of Korra may do something shockingly smart for it’s target audience. In Avatar the Last Air Bender it is shown the extremes and differences of upper class and lower class citizens and how the lower class lives in poverty. Sadly after many years there is still poverty in the earth kingdom. This could easily be a way to educate younger audiences that even in a beautiful prosperous environment there are still people in need that are being ignored by those who have power and money, even in countries like The United States. 

A better emphasis is placed on the extreme difference concerning social class by having Mako and Bolin meet their family. Their family is very large, living in very small living conditions selling fruit that is expiring before your very eyes, however they’re not miserable. As soon as they discover that Mako and Bolin are present they’re brought to tears of joy and love that they finally have met the children of a family member who left the earth kingdom. 

While in Avatar the Last Airbender the ruler of the Earth Kingdom was just plain unaware of these social injustices, the current ruler just doesn’t care about those in need and only cares for herself even having the desire to reclaim republic city for her own some day as a probable allegory to dictators. The Dai Lee is still in effect as well capturing any and all air benders and holding them as prisoners. 

But now I’m just summarizing the show, not honestly reviewing it.

As I stated earlier romance was touched upon between Asami and Korra and although I (and many other fans of the show) hated that half of season two concentrated on Korra and Mako’s relationship, I am glad that they gave Korra and Asami this discussion. They had a similar discussion very briefly in season one, but didn’t go anywhere with it because the writers didn’t want Asami and Korra to be women getting pissed off at each other over a man (plenty of other shows that do that for us already). The conversation between Korra and Asami is mature and both sides ask for forgiveness for kissing Mako when they knew they shouldn’t have. And Korra and Asami being the two mature women they are accept forgiveness then proceed to continue being awesome.

It looks like romance may return in the form between Jinora and a newly awakened airbender boy who chose to travel with Korra. Normally I’d scream at the tv/computer/tablet screen and groan at how stupid such an idea is, but she has to help repopulate the air nomads since not too many people want to join up so the writers are forgiven for this…for now.

I say that season three looks to be very good; there are many twists that have turned the Avatar universe upside down and it looks like the writers are going to tackle themes and issues that were shown in Avatar the Last Airbender but had no actual solution for. Yes there will be more posts for the episodes to come, this is a great show and I honestly love it and can’t wait to see more of it.


The Lunar Chronicles part 2: Scarlet


This entry I’ll be reviewing the second book in The Lunar Chronicles Scarlet.  This novel actually took me by surprise a little. Rather than directly continuing Cinder’s story the book primarily focuses on the character Scarlet and her search for her grandmother with a stranger named Wolf.

Spoilers from this point on. You have been warned.

I will admit this book wasn’t as good to me as the previous one because I wanted a direct continuation of Cinder’s story and didn’t care for a science fiction adaption of Little Red Riding Hood to be used to continue the story. I quickly got over it upon discovering parts of the story would be devoted to Cinder. Still I wasn’t fully pleased with the main protagonist shoved aside to co-protagonist.

Most of the characters from Cinder (her stepmother and step sister) have been shoved aside to minor characters which is probably for the better since they don’t serve a purpose in the plot anymore. King Kai (no not that one lol) continues to be a main character and we’re also introduced Thorne, a ‘captain’ who helps break Cinder out of her captivity. I actually like Thorne alot, not that I hate Scarlet or Wolf, but Thorne is just more likeable.

In terms of story it flowed along very smoothly despite being, I was hoping Cinder and Scarlet would meet up by the middle of the book. Cinder literally spends half the book twiddling her thumbs in space.

I will admit I did like Scarlet’s side of the story, she’s empathetic towards all people and is one of the few people among Earth and the Moon who doesn’t discriminate against cyborgs. She dearly loves her grandmother because she learned her ways from her grandmother who has been kidnapped.

Sadly Scarlet does not get a happy ending, sure she gets a man to love, but she lost her grandmother. It’s a little disturbing how she gets over her grandmother being killed just because Wolf was there.

THe last part of the book leads up to a cliffhanger (again) that will be continued in Cress. I personally cannot wait to read it and finish the Lunar Chronicles. Yes I’m aware of the prequel.

There will be more to talk about 🙂

The Lunar Chronicles part 1-Cinder


Here is the first official blog concerning my thoughts on books/entertainment. What better way to do this than with the Young Adult genre (nevermind that I’m in my mid twenties…) I discovered the book via the webshow Booze Your Own Adventure (formally 50 Shades of Green), at first I was reluctant to read along with our two lovely hostesses because the Spring Semester for classes had just started, but after a while I gave in.

Despite the size of the hardcopy book itself Cinder is a pretty fast read. The actual story is a retelling of Cinderella, with a twist to actually make the book readable. Cinder is a cyborg, the scum of society because society needs discrimination one way or another, she’s also a mechanic and earns the money for her household of the typical wicked stepmother and stepsisters, one stepsister nice and the other following in her mother’s footsteps.

For the first two thirds of the book the story loosely follows the usual Cinderella story, unlike the majority of Cinder’s counterparts the ball and Prince charming/Prince Kai aren’t the highest priorities for her. Her highest priority is her own freedom from her stepmother and the health of her stepsister Poeme who has been infected with a deadly virus that Cinder is immune to.

At this point I will warn that there will be spoilers, please do not read on if you hate them or intend on reading the books.

One of the different things between Cinder and it’s Cinderella counterparts is that aside from being set in the future is that there is political friction between the earth alliance and the moon government. Lunars are humans that have evolved to ‘glamor’ not only themselves, but the naked eye of regular people. The moon queen desires to rule both the moon and the earth by any means necessary. She desires to pull this off by marrying prince Kai and killing him and the only person who can stop her is the long lost moon princess.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Well if you grew up in the nineties it should because it’s the plot for the first arc of Sailor Moon, and just like the first arc of Sailor Moon it’s pretty obvious who the moon princess is if you’re older than the target age group. In fact that’s the only flaw I could find in Cinder was that it was predictable. Not in a bad way like most ‘Twilight clones’ are where ‘muggle meets X and has their world turned upside down and discovers an amazing life’. But predictable in sense that you know that Cinder is the moon princess, the emperor of China will die, Kai will have to take over and the Lunar queen is evil for the hell of it. It’s also predictable who will die and that Cinder has to go to the ball.

There are a few flaws in the story aside from the predictability. Mainly my questions of why are the Lunar’s so evil? What happened that there is harsh feelings between the earth alliance and the moon kingdom? Why is the royal family of the moon kingdom so blood thirsty? How did Lunar’s gain the ability to glamor? (sorry Marissa Meyer, evolution doesn’t work like that).

The Pro’s outweigh the cons though. Do you wonder why this story sounds alot like Sailor Moon? Well here’s the reason, Marissa Meyer, author of The Lunar Chronicles is a Sailor Moon fan and wrote Sailor Moon fanfiction. And unlike most people these days who wrote fanfiction and eventually got their work published (some of them partially cheating and self publishing (THAT MEANS YOU E.L. JAMES!)) Meyer produced very GOOD fanfiction. She took two stories, one known to nearly every person around the world and the other known to all who watch anime and read manga and she created her own original story out of it.

If you want a fast read, then please pick up Cinder! You will enjoy it greatly! I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars 🙂


Hello! Here’s What I Do!

I, like many people in this over populated world am in my mid twenties, like half of the population I’m male, and like countless people in the world I’m very uninteresting. However I have ALOT to say about one things. Sort of.

For a long time I have had an obsession with stories; movies, books, television shows, I love it all. So after lots of thinking about it I decided I’d finally do a blog concerning books, movies, and tv shows. What will I be talking about? Well we’ll just have to wait and see. I suppose I can give an idea of what kinds of things I’m into.

I’m very into science fiction and fantasy stories, I do enjoy regular fiction though. My top three favorite books are Out of the Silent Planet, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (TWIST!) My favorite tv shows are Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and Glee. Those aren’t ALL of my favorite shows and books, but they’re some of my favorites. Let’s not even get started on movies.

So here’s how it will go, I’ll keep on going with my usual reading and viewing of entertainment, and I’ll write about it here. Be warned I will probably mention the representation of women because it’s important to me.

Have a nice day.