A Little More About Me (higher education related)

It’s been two weeks since I started up the spring semester, I’ve only been assigned one assignment so I figured I could explain a little more about myself.

I literally am in my mid twenties at twenty five years of age. I’m hoping to graduate next year with a BS in Environmental Science. I’m not happy it took this long, but life does alot of things to you. Did I have the option to graduate sooner? Yes and no; I started college as an English major, upon getting into upper level English courses I discovered I really didn’t like the degree program (I think I have about twenty hours of English). So I changed my degree, however my math and science hours were useless in a science for education degree so I had to take College Algebra, PreCal, Cal, and actual biology classes in comparison to my Biology for Non-science major classes. I was offered the chance to get a BMS (Bachelor’s in Multiple Studies), and I spent about a week thinking about it; the reason why this was offered to me was because I kept on getting waitlisted to be admitted to the school of education. After much thinking, input from friends and professionals, and googling I decided that if education was that important to me I’d get an alternative teaching certification. After a chapter in Ecology in a Biology class I felt called to know more about the environment and discovered I loved it! So my degree change/interest in science is something I wished happened sooner in my life.

What about your painting?

In all honesty I didn’t start painting until 2011. I had been more into drawing when I was younger and learned to draw from anime and manga. I kind of realized when I was young that I wouldn’t be successful (and by successful I mean having a stable income, three meals a day, shelter, and air condition with heating), so really painting and art is a hobby. I make spare cash with it sometimes, but it’s not my main thing. No my parents had no say in any of my artistic endeavors growing up outside of “why can’t you draw The Virgin Mary, or something nice?”


Yes I believe in God, yes i go to church, yes I’m Catholic. I can’t say I’m religious, but I will say it is important to me.



Doctor Who?


What’s with the books then?

Well I’ve really been into books since i was  eleven; I wanted to become an author of the science fiction and fantasy genre since then. So I did logical thinking and went into college for an english degree. I honestly was miserable in that degree. After three years of not writing I returned to it, I’m working slow on a few projects. I would like to get them published.

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