Thoughts on Frozen Fever (oh and I guess Cinderella)

It’s like a rated G version of Ever After; it’s not bad, it’s not amazing, but it’s not bad. The same plot of every other Cinderella story is present in this adaptation. There really isn’t much to say about the movie in general. Feminists will more than likely not be happy with the film for the (logical) reasoning that Cinderella is running off with a man she barely knows; the only redeeming thing about that is that she’s willing to reject the marriage to keep the country safe from her stepmother.

Christians will love the film; it’s clean, no flashy sexy dresses, no adult humor whatsoever (that I could find anyways), strong messages of showing kindness to any and all people along with a message snuck in at the last minute I feel is important. It was clumsily shoved into the plot, but a key scene towards the end of the movie after Cinderella tries on the glass slipper and agrees to marry the prince is that as she’s exiting her house she looks straight into her stepmother’s eyes and says something that many people find hard to say. “I forgive you.” It’s simple, but it’s a message many Christians have a hard time fulfilling and teaching. To drive it even further Cinderella doesn’t even enact revenge on her stepsisters and stepmother for what they did to her like in some variations of the fairy tale.

All in all Cinderella is a nice movie and a nice breather from the streak of dark movies Disney has been releasing the past couple of years. It has two and a half glass slippers out of five.

Okay let’s get to the real reason you all paid nearly ten dollars for this movie. Frozen Fever; the long awaited sequel to the 2013 hit film Frozen. It’s cute, you get Idena Menzel singing a duet with Kirsten Bell through most of it and Kirstoff being the desired boyfriend everyone secretly wants (even the straight men). I honestly don’t want to spoil any of that, everyone should enjoy it for themselves.

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