Monthly Archives: July 2015

A Big Apology and Mini Announcment

I haven’t forgotten about this little dog and pony show of reviewing books, but I’m just feeling out of it. I have piles of books I want to read, but I just don’t have the ability right now.

I also want to say sorry about some of the previous half assed reviews and if it seems like I’m just doing a copout and buying anything on sale at Target (granted I am very guilty of doing that…), I can’t blame school this time and life has been a little hectic and I can’t put the blame on that either. I am going to force myself to read again starting tomorrow and tone down my time wasted on watching reruns ¬†on cable tv. However for those curious as to what I’ve been doing lately here are a few points.

  • Spending time with my parents and trying to help them with whatever I am able to do (that’s as deep as I’m getting)
  • Playing with my Dog
  • Improving my artistic abilities and working on a collection.
  • working on my own fiction
  • costumes

Now for the announcement!

As I stated earlier I am working on a collection right now, the theme I’m going with are books I’ve read. It will be both paintings and drawings because i’m still not the best painter and I’ve recently taken up drawing with charcoal and toned grey paper and have discovered I enjoy it very much. It’s not a high priority thing, but it’s something I’m doing whenever I have the time and the right scene in a book to paint. Wish me luck.