Monthly Archives: September 2015


Today is national suicide prevention day. Suicide is a taboo for many people because it’s a tragic event and no one likes tragedy in their lives. The thing is though that sadly people do commit suicide and when it happens there are waves of hurt that affect so many people who love that individual.

The topic of suicide isn’t a taboo for me though, neither is the topic of death. I’ve been exposed to death since the day my father told me about God and Jesus, when I was nine a little boy who lived across the street from me died of leukemia, when I was eleven my grandmother passed away. When I was twenty one on a beautiful Monday February morning, someone I was friends with and loved committed suicide.

It was devastating, people told me that it was because of medication he was taking that it caused him to make a bad decision at the wrong moment, but I knew that they were wrong. I saw all the signs of my friend being depressed and fighting a battle that people secretly fight. And I did nothing. I just sat across from him paying attention to a stupid blackberry.

I can’t go back in time and change things, I don’t know if said friend is waiting for me in heaven, but I do know that it is possible to prevent suicide.