Shifting Genres

There is a humorous show on YouTube called FiftyShadesofGreen/BoozeYourOwnAdventure where I learned quite a bit more about the writing and publishing world than I expected to hear from a video sharing website. I also learned quite a bit about my own reading habits, so today we are going to talk about how sometimes it’s good to shift genres among books.

Signs You Need to Shift

There’s nothing wrong with reading YA, I’ve been reading it since I was eleven and now I’m getting ready to start pushing thirty. However I do have periods of “I’m bored with this,” the first time this happened was the summer of 2013 where I decided I’d read Divergent based off the suggestion that “it’s like The Hunger Games” and that was the problem, it’s like The Hunger Games. I had read dystopian novels such as the Uglies series, The Hunger Games, 1984, Logan’s Run, and some of the Ender’s Game series (until I discovered Orson Scott Card is a hypocrite concerning religion and a homophobic jerk).

I began to just predict things like who our main female protagonist will fall for, who she unwillingly/unknowingly betray, who she loves dearly will be killed, what happens to her family, how her decision alone turned the whole fictional universe on it’s head, etc. It wasn’t with the dystopia genre, it was also with the paranormal genre (we DID have countless Twilight clones for a while), and while I did fully enjoy some of them (the first half of Beastly and Bewitching by Alex Flinn are actually pretty good).

I’m not saying you need to abandon the genre completely, another example was when I started reading The Lunar Chronicles and discovered I liked it alot and things weren’t so predictable (I caught on to what was happening when I discovered Merissa Meyer is quite the Sailor Moon fangirl,) and it was a nice breather from the books I’ve mentioned above and I plan to reread it when I get the opportunity.

I’m also not saying you constantly need to be switching things up, but if one finds themselves bored with reading and have the following symptoms along with it, then you may want to consider something new.

Well Then What do you Mean Shift?

I mean take a break, read something new, shortly after finishing Cress I didn’t know what to read, my friend constantly told me to read The Fault in Our Stars and after three months of nagging, I read it. I actually enjoyed it; despite the subject matter of the book it is very light hearted and brought up new views. Same couldn’t be said for John Green’s other books when I read them, but I did enjoy the shift of genre.

Recently I’ve been reading books from the Doctor Who and Star Wars franchises, mainly because I wanted to discover the fate of Asajj Ventress and because I really like Doctor Who. I’m currently reading two books, Dorothy Must Die and I just started the Longmire series because my dad is a fan.

It’s very relieving to switch between the two books. If I’m not feeling it with one universe, I jump to the other. A third book may be thrown in just incase though.

This is alot shorter than your usual ranting

It’s not a rant, rather a suggestion for people who suffer from what I suffer from at times. It can be applied to tv and music too.


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