Coming Out Again and Again

“God if You’re real, and You love me like everyone says You do, please let my dad still love me.”

These were the thoughts in my head before I told my dad I was gay almost nine years ago. This moment cemented many things in my life; it cemented my belief in God, it cemented to me that my parents did love me, and it cemented that I knew there was a future for myself (gotta love those horrible thoughts we have as teenagers!)

I had thought that it would be the only time I would every have to come out as gay. As I’ve said before I’m a private person, I won’t deny what I am if asked, but I look forward to the day where I don’t need to come out as gay to people I meet or loved ones. Unfortunately I have to confirm that I’m gay when I’m suggested by friends to go on dates with a girl, and I’ve had to confirm that I’m gay to my doctor concerning medical conditions (no I don’t have an STD, I’m an aging male).

I feel that when I come out even though I’m still the same person I’ve always been I’m seen in a different light. Some will see me as great, others will see me as confused in many ways, and some will see that I’m not worth the effort. It doesn’t bother me like when I was younger, but the thoughts are still there.

From my personal experience I saw that coming out doesn’t always result in sad endings, but I know my own story (the very small amount I’ve chosen to reveal) is not applicable to others and in the past other members of lgbtq have gone through worse.

To end this, here’s a meme I saw earlier today.


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