Seven Facts About my LGBT Book

I’ve been working on this book for a while now; the first draft was finished back in 2008 and I’m ashamed at what a mess it is of me throwing shit in there and hoping it makes sense. Eight years later though I’ve made an outline, thought and even prayed a little over what needs to be in it and what shouldn’t be in it. Here it is, seven facts about my own LGBT book that I intend to finish by November next year.

  1. There will be no “coming out” portion of the book; as I’ve said before I’ve read alot of coming out stories and I feel that they’re becoming the main gimmick of lgbt media, plus my main protagonist is already dealing with enough anxiety, hiding his sexuality and gayngst will drive the poor boy nuts.
  2. There will be God and a bit of Catholic stuff in there;  I had debated on keeping this from the first draft of the story out of fear of alienating those who are religious or members of the lgbt community who aren’t comfortable with the topic of God and Christianity. I have decided that it should be in there, for personal reasons and in hope that if someone needs it, they will find it and it will help them.
  3. There will be angels and demons; I gotta make the story interesting if there’s no antagonist via “coming out to the family”.
  4. There will be music; from light christian music to some of the hardest metal ever made.
  5. There is no “chosen one”; seriously that’s kind of over done at this point too.
  6. It was originally fanfiction; To Dead Like Me!
  7. It needs a name! I had a name for it in highschool, I don’t mind it, but I don’t think it applies to where it’s going now.

There we are, seven facts about my LGBT book, I’m really hoping what started as a personal project out of boredom when I was seventeen will see the light of the YA book area of Target one day.

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