16 Favs of 2016

In real life, 2016 was kind of hard, in books and movies 2016 was awesome! So here is my list of my 16 favorite things from 2016 in no particular order.

1.Harry Potter and the Cursed Child  I loved reading a new Harry Potter book after years of thinking the journey was over. Actually celebrating the midnight release with friends of mine was an added bonus experience that left me really happy.

2.Miraculous Ladybug; my friend Rachelle showed me this neat French-Korean cartoon known as Miraculous Ladybug and I like it. It does follow some cheesy predictable story lines and it obviously isn’t meant to be seen by an adult like me. But it’s a fun neat show and it looks amazing.

3.Suicide Squad; I know it’s not amazing, but it’s so much better than Batman vs Superman. I think my reason for liking it alot was because I went in with low expectations to the movie and was delighted to see how campy and weird everything turned out to be. Everything was good except for Jared Leto Joker.

4. Star Wars Ahsoka I’ve mentioned that Ahsoka Tano is awesome and reading her book was a great experience to bridge the events of Clone Wars/Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Rebels/Rogue One. Speaking of which

5. Rogue One A Star Wars Story, this movie awesome. It was a good balance between drama, comedy, and brought us to a point of view that hasn’t really been seen in the Star Wars universe.

6.The Cancellation of Disney Infinity; I realize how awful this sounds and I was really sad when I realized I’d never get my Hera or Belle/Emma Watson Disney Infinity figures, but financially this was great news to hear.

7. Ghostbusters, I liked it, just forgot to review it. It was fun, quirky, no there was no “woo feminism” message. It was a Ghostbusters movie and I liked it.

8. The Little Prince film, it was good and very thoughtful. Plenty of beautiful visuals to see, and it’s for viewing on Netflix.

9. Voltron, yes ANOTHER Voltron series, it is also on Netflix, just don’t accidentally marathon on it.

10. Stranger Things, lots of delicious 80’s references in it, very well written with lots of questions unanswered in the best way possible, also available on Netflix.

11.  Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3; ok technically this is tv and I know for a fact that unless I’m reviewing episodes weekly, reviewing tv shows lowers the property value. But I got into art and drawing because of Sailor Moon so seeing the third arc adapted into anime and to have such a beautiful job done with it too.

12. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a wonderful movie experience, and this is coming from someone who wasn’t as fond of the Harry Potter movies in comparison to the books. I also happen to like that the good people of Hot Topic have made making a Newt Scamander cosplay costume very easy.

13. The books and authors I discovered because of my friend Sam and the event Texas Teen Book Festival. I haven’t been able to finish up my list, but with this new year I sincerely hope to. Also meeting Cody Wagner, he’s very neat (kind of dreamy) and yes this is another encouragement to buy and read The Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren.

14. Zootopia, it was a neat movie that was fun.

15. When Marnie was There, this, like all other Studio Ghibli movies was a beautiful movie. Not just beautiful to look at, but the mystery of the story and the exploration of different types of love and how strong the emotion is makes it worth watching and enjoying. Yes I realize this film was released in 2015, but the dub wasn’t released until 2016.

16. Being told there’s a tomorrow; alot of shitty things have happened in 2016, but thanks to strong words and messages from various people, some of them being Youtubers, some of them being actors and actresses, some of them being singers and song writers, and many of them being authors telling us that there is a tomorrow and we if someone lets shitty things get to them then the shit wins. So fans are encouraged to follow in the examples of all the fiction that has been read and all the awesome people who have a stronger voice saying no to the not so happy parts of 2016.

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