Chonda Pierce is a Nice Woman

This isn’t a political blog, all who want to talk politics can go to twitter for that. I am here to talk about Chonda Pierce; she is known as The Queen of Clean among comedians. She never swears, she is open about her faith in God, she never drags anyone’s name in the mud for the sake of self promotion. She is essentially the anti thesis to Kathy Griffin.

It’s no surprise she’s a conservative and no I am not holding that against her, in fact I’d rather hear one of her stand up routines over Kathy Griffin’s. I don’t know Chonda personally, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the chance to meet her or what she’d think of the fact a liberal gay catholic is a fan of hers (Chonda if you ever read this you’re welcomed to use that in your standup).

Chonda Pierce has recently been announced as a performer for the presidential inauguration and along with her abilities in stand up she is a skilled pianist and singer. She’s not Katy Perry (Chonda doesn’t need a whole production team to sound good), but she is a nice woman.

I’m aware her views are very different from mine, and there are probably many views we share. I don’t like the current political situation, but I do like Chonda, and I will support Chonda and Chonda alone because although not knowing her personally I have heard stories of her personal life. I’m not giving her sympathy points because of these stories of her life, but I am giving an applause for being someone who can speak about the harder parts of her life and still have the ability to smile and welcome a new day. So although it will be hard for me to support things in the near future, I will support Chonda Pierce, a very, very nice woman.

Also to other liberals in a few years you vote for new senators and to conservatives who dislike Trump you can always pray for an impeachment! Everyone else, go enjoy Chonda Pierce!

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