Writing exert from my past!

The days are inching closer to Write a Novel in November and I had been reviewing stuff I’d written in the past. Some of it I’m really happy with, and some of it I hope never escape my google drive. Here is actually something from the first (unpublished) novel I wrote when I was eighteen.

It was called Sing for Me because I was listening to Sing for Me by Tarja Turunen alot at the time. It started out as fanfiction to the tv show Dead Like Me and I was constantly making up the plot as I wrote (how did I ever do something without an outline?), here is an exert that I actually enjoyed writing when I was eighteen and can’t help but cringe a little over now as an adult. Enjoy!


Chapter 4


“When exactly were you going to tell me you were this skilled fighter who has something to do with the end of the world?” I calmly asked James

“Hey I was too busy searching for you, and well dating you at the same time. You‟re just

so different from what I was expecting.”

“Different how?”

“Well for one thing you wear dark clothing and listen to such strange music. Yet you‟re

pretty much a devout catholic!”

“How is that different? There are plenty of young Catholics who shop at HotTopic, listen to

death metal, and Gregorian chanting! You’ve been trying to get me to shop at such horrid places like American eagle ever since we started dating!”

“Maybe because you actually look nice when you don‟t look so depressing! And you didn‟t

tell me your boyfriend died either, I could have helped you!”

“You didn‟t know me at all when we first  met!  The  only  reason  we  know  each  other  is

because you were clumsy and slipped on ice!” James  took a deep breath and calmly started

to speak again.

“That‟s not entirely true.”


“Before we met I noticed you walking around campus. You were just  so  mysterious, I could never tell if you were male or female until you cut your hair, I could never tell if you believed in God because I wasn’t sure if the rosary was a fashion statement or not, all I knew was that you were taken up until the day of the accident.”

I stared at James for a moment. “Did you ever see Sebastian with me?”


“Do you love me?”


“And I love you too. I still love Sebastian, but he‟s gone now. And even so I belong to God; you only get to have me while I’m still mortal.” There was silence between both James

and I.

“Have you ever heh?” James winked at me and had a naughty grin on his face.

“Pervert!”  I  pushed  a  pillow  into  his  face.  “You  may  have  those  fancy  super human abilities but I am something you can never be again, and you can never take that away from

me either” I winked back at James

“Oh come on! You have confession!”

“Not even that will get it back” I started winking a very rare type of wink.



That little tease, I wonder if he does it on purpose or not sometimes though. Yes  I  have  had  sex  though,  and  well  I  probably  get  horny  a  lot  more  than  the  average person. I mean  sure  Brian  is  cute,  but  his  body  is  still  a  mystery  to  me.  He  wears  baggy clothes  most  of  the  time,  but  when  he  dresses  up  for  church  he  seems  skinnier  than  the average  person.  I  pretty  much  have  never  seen  any  skin  of  his  besides  his  feet,  face  and hands.    He  likes  long  sleeves  mainly  from  what  I  could  tell.  He  still  is  a  cute  guy  though, despite his beliefs and unusual personality and choice in clothes.

I  guess  you  could  consider  me  agnostic  though.  I  know  there  is  a  supreme  being  in  the

universe, but I’m not really into the Bible or religion. I was taught as a child to be catholic,

but I was never really into it (I got confirmed because my parents asked me to though).

I slept naked that night woke up naked the next morning and I decided to stay that way for

one reason. Then Brian came into the room.

“James we’re out of milk…is there any reason why your naked?”

“None really, I just wanted you to see me that‟s all.”

“Umm ok, you have a nice body I guess…I have to go take a shower”

“I‟ll join you”


“Why not?”

“Because I like my showers to be privet!”

“Aww come on!”

“That better not be a pun!”

“It might be”


“Were both guys anyways” I grabbed his shoulder after saying this as he entered the


“I said no!” Brian then slammed a strainer at my head knocking me to the floor.

“That wasn’t very nice!”

“That‟s what you get for being a naughty boy!” I heard the bathroom door slam along with

the shower beginning a little later. I pulled on my boxers just to avoid more objects being thrown at my head. I heard the door open and saw Brian walk out wearing boxer briefs and a loose t-shirt.

“Look I’m sorry about earlier.”

“It’s ok James, you’re still cute anyways.” Brian sat beside me and kissed my cheek.

“You really are skinny you know”

“I‟m vegetarian”

“I like meat” We really are very different now that I think about it.

“So how exactly do you hide the four pack?”

“I have no idea, should I go for six?”

“If you choose to, I’m going to be late for class, byes” Brian then kissed my cheek again

and ran off to his room.


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