Prelude to Write a Novel in November

It is less than a week away before I begin my journey to writing a novel in November, I have spent my time looking for jobs, finishing up books, starting up books, and various forms of self loathing over lack of employment. Also hating a sudden weight gain I have that my family claims isn’t showing (I know they’re lying!)

Are You Some Sort of Narcissist?

Nah, I hate myself too much to be a narcissist, but thanks for thinking I have a self esteem that strong. I decided to do one last blog before I try this little experiment of writing something so long within such a short amount of time. It will literally be the longest form of writing I have ever written if I am successful.

What is Write a Novel In November? How did you Discover it? Why are you Participating?

Click here to learn more about write a novel in november! Don’t want to click that lovely link I provided that will conveniently open in a new window because I’m that nice of a person? Yeah I don’t blame you I normally left click and open links in a new tab too. Anyways the actual name for this is National Novel Writing Month, I don’t know why it’s associated with November directly, but why not?

I discovered this little thing writers do via the FAQ page for Marissa Meyer’s website when I decided to look her up after reading the first three books in The Lunar Chronicles (you should totally read The Lunar Chronicles). I thought it was an interesting thing to do for some people.

I decided to participate because why not? My friend Sam and I were going to try it last year, but we didn’t really accomplish much.

What was Last Year’s Book About? What’s This Year’s Book? 

A mermaid committing homicide because her entire school was killed in a boating incident with stupid rich kids. This year’s book is still a mermaid story, but there is no homicide, I don’t think I can write constant homicide scenes and keep them interesting. I suppose this year’s book can be labeled as a “scientifically accurate Little Mermaid.”

Dude Mermaids Suck! Write about badass girls in lovetriangles fighting a totalitarian government in a distopian world! 

I can’t help but feel that story has been done already, but this story is different from what I normally write. As mentioned above it has to atleast be 50,000 words which is alot longer than my little collection of short stories.

I’ve also been advised to write a story that is the opposite of what I normally go for in entertainment (in my case alot of science fiction with some fantasy. Also I haven’t seen too many YA books about mermaids (once again single track mind with my fiction).

Okay so how’d you come up with the idea?

My degree; to be more precise I came up with the idea while taking a hydrology class. Mainly from reading Water the Fate of our Most Precious Resource by Marq De Villiers. I’m actually devoting most of tomorrow to skimming through the book and looking over my notes from an Oceanography class I took in college too.

I guess in a sense I’m applying “write what you know” to this story in the sense that I’ve written short answers to questions in both hydrology and oceanography. I also know the feeling of grief and loss a little too well so there’s that too.


Environmentalism for sure, some religion (mainly Christian, Jewish, and Hindu faiths because those are the only ones I know fairly well). I don’t plan on writing it in a dystopian way though.

That’s all I’m gonna say for now, wish me luck!



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