Why Rosario’s Death Hurt A Little More

First, WILL AND GRACE HAS BEEN BACK FOR OVER A MONTH! All my gay needs are being met happily. I swear ever since the series returned last September each episode has not disappointing in terms of comedy. Karen is still insanely drunk, Grace is still Grace, Jack is adjusting to the fact he isn’t a twink anymore (and is now a grandpa), and Will is still being Will.

However I like many fans was saddened to discover Shelley Morrison would not be returning to the series as Karen’s maid Rosario. At first I brushed this off and understood that the actress had retired and that she wouldn’t have the same amount of energy she once had to do the show and that she and the writers would keep things open for cameo in the future. Unfortunately last Thursday the characters fate was cemented. Rosario Inez Consuelo Salazar passed away.

Many fans were hurt and saddened at the decision to kill off the character, this hurt a little more. Yes the episode was still loaded with hilarious one liners, amazing innuendos, Karen going nuts, and some physical humor, the tone and knowledge that Rosario was dead couldn’t be escaped.

The reason why it hurt was because my godmother loved Will and Grace. About six months before she passed away in 2015 my godmother and I were talking about Will and Grace; we both loved the show and it had been my introductory to the idea that I didn’t have to be the gay stereotype constantly seen in the media at the time with the fact that Will was constantly mistaken for a straight man who was single despite Grace being in his life. She had mentioned how she would love for the series to come back.

You can imagine my tears of laughter and joy in the fall of 2016 with the short Vote Honey was released and led to the return of Will and Grace! I chose to watch again because Will and Grace was the early stages of the gay agenda your church pastor has warned you about (don’t be surprised if he goes missing), and because I miss my godmother.

I watched the return of the show with her photo close to me, I did consider buying a few episodes and watching them next to her grave, but that’s all kinds of crazy I’m not willing to go to just yet.

Rosario’s death (on the last day of the Mexican holiday Dia de los muertos and the catholic holiday All Souls Day) was sad, it reminded me that someone I love and couldn’t physically be with me to watch the show anymore. But there was still laughter and strange things happening despite the sad nature of the reality like in real life (except hopefully no women are having threesomes with their ex husband and his daughter).

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