Quickie Review Mary Poppins Returns

Somehow this little blog about books ended up reviewing movies, netflix original series, and a videogame that one time (and some essays that should really be given more effort and REALLY should be cited). There are lots of movies I like (because I’m someone just easy to please), but don’t really have too many thoughts on them, so that’s where I came up with the idea of quickies. Short and simple reviews for fairly minor movies.

A Spoonful of Sugar makes the Review go Faster!

After over sixty years (and all kinds of controversies between author, disney, and even a movie based around the controversy between PL Travers and Walt Disney), we have Mary Poppins Returns. I gotta admit I didn’t particularly care or was even aware this movie came out at the end of last year. I decided to give it a shot after seeing a few Mary Poppins inspired paintings and buying a tea set for my aunt.

The film is shockingly lovely and nostalgic; not in the sense that Mary Poppins was my go to movie as a kid, but because I did stay up late in the 90’s and 00’s watching Disney Channel where after a few hours they showed reruns of classic Disney media including Walt Disney Presents and some of the older Disney films and even some behind the scenes stuff on how the Disney films, shorts, and special effects were done. They even roll the intro credits like the old disney films, complete with illustrations of what to expect in the film as a whole.

The plot is predictable, the Banks family has troubles and may lose their home, Mary Poppins is going to step in and aid once again, nothing too complex. Emily Blunt’s portrayal of Mary Poppins is not the same as the approach Julie Andrews took, rather than being wholesome and sweet, Blunt is…blunt. When asked about portraying the character, Blunt said she took inspiration from the book version of Mary Poppins because she felt she couldn’t channel the same energy as Julie Andrews’ portrayal.

The movie is pretty to look at and I did feel giddy over the 2d animation used for the film since Disney hasn’t done 2d animation since The Princess and the Frog (why do my friends hate that movie??) The music is nice, I’m not much of a music oriented person, but I did enjoy The Place Where the Lost Things Go very much. Also Lin Manuel Miranda finds a way to rap in this movie (sorta).

I give Mary Poppins Returns three balloons out of five.

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