Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Review

The Skywalker saga has concluded tonight and I am mostly speechless in my reaction to the movie. I will say that I was heavily pleased with the movie. With so many fans (alot of them bitter over what happened in The Last Jedi), and so many people with various expectations for the film. My personal worry being “okay how are they gonna make that archive footage of Carrie Fisher work in this?”

You know what comes after the bold text, it’s spoilers, I won’t post major ones, but they’re there.

I don’t know where to start without giving a full synopsis while avoiding crazy spoilers, but this movie is a fan pleasing movie. There are various cameos from heroes from the past rebellion and from current media (but no mention of the Colossus or the Aces from Star Wars Resistance). I will admit that the acting around Leia felt a little off, probably due to Carrie being given a different direction in terms of acting when her scenes were initially recorded, but that’s only a minor problem for a portion of the film.

While The Last Jedi focused heavily on the difference between being a hero and needing leaders, The Rise of Skywalker focuses on themes concerning identity and how your bloodline doesn’t define who you are. When Rey’s parentage is revealed, she does struggle with the revelation, but is reminded that it’s not her bloodline that matters, but rather what she does with her power and abilities.

Poe’s lessons from the previous movie (and expanded universe material) fully cement in as he’s more cautious when teaming up with Finn and Rey on their quest in the film. Finn stays fully devoted to the Resistance firmly standing by his peers with no temptation to abandon people in need.

Without going into further details some moments in the film are predictable, some are not, I admit part of my attention was looking for a rumored cameo of one of my favorite Ahsoka Tano (the cameo is there).

The biggest feeling I got from the film is relief. Relief that characters survived the destruction of the Hosnian system, that most of the characters from novels, comics, and tv shows are alive and came to help in the final battle. Relief that the Ghost crew was able to aid once again and make it out alive.

I give Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker five out of five yellow lightsabers.


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