Monthly Archives: January 2020

A Farewell

I’ve seen and followed many blogs that suddenly and abruptly end. For whatever reason the individual posting the blogs just moves on with their life and in a sense I am to. Not because I’m so “above” doing blog posts, but because I have been reading books and watching movies and forgot I had this blog twice in the past year.

Rather than fully forget about this little blog completely and fully move on in life, I decided I’d do a farewell post. I’ll also explain why my focuses were the way they were.

Why do You Have Gay Discussions and Christian discussions?

When you’re part of a very strange minority of gay and christian, it takes up part of your mind more than it should. It mostly comes from the first half of my twenties being in youth ministry and an English major and just having analytical thoughts on both subjects.

How did Movies get Into the Discussion When this was Supposed to be a Book Blog?

I like movies and felt that they’re pretty easy to analyse and are just as entertaining as a book.

What’s With the Lengthy essays? Where did they go?

I did essays because I secretly have a guilty pleasure for them when I can write about a subject I care about or consider important. However as I continued to work on them it slowly set in that I was sometimes doing graduate student level work but significantly more sloppy, not bothering to cite or reference sources, and not even proof reading before publishing the essays to the web.

So I did the smart thing and just decided to stop doing essays since I was doing most of them in one sitting.

Unfinished Essays

So believe it or not I had planned on doing one final essay on “Expanded Universe Content,” inspired by my pet peeve with expanded universe novels and content (If I’m going to read a Doctor Who or Star Wars novel it better damn be amazing). I was actually going to do things the right way with sources, references, MLA citation at the end of the blog post, and sweet Baby Yoda I realized I’d be going above and beyond Grad Student work.

I also wanted to do an essay on comedy and inclusion, but just didn’t have the time to sit down and plan it out; all I remember is that it had to do with wanting to be included in comedy as a lgbt individual and the decision of Family Guy to stop doing gay jokes. (If you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s the point of comedy?)

Why I’m Leaving and What I’ll be Doing.

Like I mentioned earlier I had forgotten I had this blog twice in the past year. In the past year of working full time, working part time, working two jobs, to working and doing a teacher certification my brain began to re prioritize what’s important and what isn’t. While Books and Smizmars was and is important to me, It’s not getting me any money or helping me achieve my goals long term.

I did spend some time rereading some of my old posts and essays; the main thought in my head was “I could have done better,” which I’m sure is in every person’s mind when they examine something they did in the past, but for me had a stinging sensation from when I was studying English.

I’ll be focusing on a teaching career; I’m currently a sub, I’m actually a little shocked I know enough of science, math, art, and English to help students rather than just be a sub who kicks back and tells students to do their work coming up with excuses not to help them.

I’ve also chosen to focus on artistic endeavors a little more and have shelved writing interests for the time being. I like being an artist and I’m finally comfortable enough to call myself that after years of questioning my talent and ability.

I don’t think I’m officially done with blogging for good, I’ve stopped blogs in the past and always find myself back to doing them. Who knows, maybe the next blog will be for the sake of art. For now though, it’s a farewell, it’s been a lovely five(ish) years and I hope you enjoyed reading.