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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’m not as big a gamer as I use to be, but I’ve always loved The Legend of Zelda games since my first time dipping into the universe through The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64. Since then I have tried my best and hardest to explore the land of Hyrule and other words (and timelines) to restore peace to the land.

I love the Legend of Zelda games, to the point where when I dropped 300$ for a Nintendo 3ds without a second thought just for the special Triforce edition. I love the art from each game, I love the lands created, I love the characters created for each world and era. I even think Hyrule Warriars is okay to play. Two years ago we were given a small glimpse into the Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U and for two years that was all we had (we even plainly called it Zelda U). And no the constant postponing of the game didn’t shock me, I went through it twice with Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

Once again because of priorities towards higher education I put my passions on a backseat so my gaming habits were also in the backseat (except for shockingly Disney Infinity). Yesterday at E3 Nintendo released news concerning their Zelda game for the Wii U called Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. It looks AMAZING!

Gamers were shown previews and clips from the game and new abilities Link has in this new journey. Then there’s the actual trailer to the game itself; I can’t fully describe the feeling I get from the game. It makes me want to grab all my art supplies and try to recreate the universe presented to those who play the game.

It also reminds me of things I’ve longed for and have heard my dad long for. A world primarily ran by nature with countless areas of unknown to explore and see. And more than likely that’s what I’ll be doing in this new Zelda game is looking around and exploring the world since that’s my favorite thing to do in video games. To finish things off here is the trailer to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Gay and Christian

Trey Pearson, Christian rock singer for the band Every Day Sunday recently came out as gay. I haven’t ever listened to the band and probably won’t care to (I think my Jesus freak days are done,) but hearing the news that a member of a successful group was gay just caught my attention.

We’re a minority, lgbt christians, I can’t speak for all the other stories because I didn’t experience them first hand and I have no right to say what others have gone through. I don’t know what Trey Pearson went through growing up, I only have my own experiences.

These are also personal experiences that I have mostly chosen to keep off the internet, but I will post a little blog about it. I won’t talk about my actual upbringing or how my parents reacted concerning it and my religion (shockingly nothing negative though), I won’t talk about any actual religious stuff. If you want a blog post about homosexuality and the Bible you can go google another blog with that topic. My own spiritual experiences are also off limits.

Wait, Gay and Christian?

These are the usual questions that arose when I revealed I was gay and catholic; wait, aren’t you scared you’re going to hell for being gay? Are you ever going to get married? Are you ever going to have sex? Don’t you know you’ll be happier if you just leave the church? My usual answers are no, not sure (as of June 2015 I hope to though), that’s none of your business, and you don’t seem to be thrilled with life either.

In real life I choose to be fairly subtle about my sexuality because 1. I desire to be judged based on the kind of person I am and 2. It’s kind of fun to screw with the heads of people who don’t realize it off the bat. However in the days that I was more religious I chose not to speak of my sexuality too much because I wanted to keep my love life private, a right every person has. It wasn’t out of shame, but because I feel some things in life should be private.

Concerning that period of time and when I think about it it’s pretty obvious who would have stayed my friend had I been open about what I am and who would have been ready to throw stones at me. I keep in contact with the former and prefer not to be in contact with the later.

I also never chose to come out to any religious group because I never wanted to be the token gay, or the face of Christians who happen to be gay. I wanted to be treated as equally as everyone else. The thought of being the face of something terrifies the shit out of me; it means I have to constantly be on good behavior, constantly be the bigger person,  and any time I fucked up it looks bad on a whole group of people. It’s a cowardly decision I’m aware, but becoming the face of something would have meant losing something I very much desire to keep private in my life.

As of this current time (2016) my religious beliefs have been moved over to my private life too. Also not out of shame (yes there has been struggle the past few years because life is never easy), but out of the same reason I keep my love life private, because I want it to be private and I have the right to that privacy. Yes there are alot of things I don’t agree with the church about and many people will say I don’t deserve to say I’m catholic based on it. My usual response to that is “k thanks, bye.”

The C and A

The  first and sole relationship I’ve ever had was with an atheist. I’m still friends with him, I still love him. I’ve looked up to him since I was sixteen hoping I would grow up to be like him as an adult as someone as confident and comfortable with his sexuality as he was. He is also a very loving individual, very stressed, but very loving.

I chose to keep my relationship with him private because it was long distance and based of that readers should be able to gather enough. There were a few friends I told of it, some of them were shocked that I talked to atheists and were convinced I’d be led away from God. Other said I needed to convert him to the love of God so he wouldn’t go to hell.

When the subject of God came up, they weren’t always pleasant and I was defensive about the situation and said things I really regret now as an older adult. However, from this man that I probably admire a little too much I feel I learned to be a more loving person and gained the ability to love a little more unconditionally (ok maybe not completely unconditionally, there’s alot of idiots in my life).

The reason he’s my sole relationship so far is because a relationship just isn’t on my priority list right now. I also date based off intuition and chemistry and I don’t have much of my type available at this time.

Other lgbtq Christians?

I haven’t met too many, I’ve met a few, they’re nice people, but there’s never a balance I feel comfortable with concerning religious life and sexuality. My gaydar detects who’s gay in a group fairly accurately. I never act on it because in most of those situations the individual has/is in the closet. There is nothing wrong with being in the closet if you are scared/desire not to come out (so long as you don’t bash anyone out of the closet).

I’ve gone to gay christian dating sites, I had a good laugh after thirty minutes of going through profiles and deleted mine. Nothing against those gentlemen, but I can’t see myself with any of them.

Has it Ever Been a Problem? (Just End the Damn Blog Post Already)

I can understand if someone were concerned for my mental health concerning this topic. As I said before I can’t speak for anyone else’s experiences, but I can understand resentment or a dislike of the religion. Even for those who are open about their religion and sexuality there are still some delicate places. For one thing it’s a little hard to date and be abstinent since it’s nearly always a deal breaker from my own experience. No idea why straight couples don’t get shamed as much concerning the topic (unless one of them ends up pregnant…).

I never really did ever think I was going to hell or feared what God would think of me since God is omnipresent. I was raised in a very loving family and I’m grateful for it. Do I feel like I’m getting the short end of alot of sticks? HELL YEAH! But I can be very hopeful for a nice future. To finish things up, here’s a song I could always relate to and always shared without revealing that it’s a christian song (seriously why do we always have to label things these days?)




Thoughts on Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale

Spoilers for the season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels Starting right from the begging! 

The season two finale to Star Wars Rebels ended in stark contrast to the season one finale; this is not shocking since prior to the events of A New Hope the rebel alliance had been struggling so happy endings in this series wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be expected even if it is owned and produced by Disney. Don’t believe me? Go watch season one of Star Wars Rebels and tell me this is sunshine and rainbows after Rise of the Old Masters.

Things are different in this season two finale, unlike season one where the Ghost crew successfully rescued their leader Kanen from the empire and Ahsoka Tano is revealed to be alive and a head figure to fully unite the rebel cells into a Rebel alliance. Let’s stop and think about the word united and how important it is to the Star Wars world and Rebels.

Here are shots from the two season finales; in season one we have the Ghost crew smiling happily after the events of the season. In season two they are separate and recovering from the aftershocks of the events on Malachor. Here’s the biggest deal from the season finale that many people are overlooking. Ezra’s lightsaber has been destroyed by Vader.

Some people are thinking ‘big deal it looked like an ugly, clunky staple gun anyways,’ and yes it is a big deal in the show than more people realize. First the kyber crystal in that lightsaber was shown to Ezra by the Force on a Jedi temple on Lothal and let’s be honest with ourselves kyber crystals are hard to find in this universe at this time. Second Ezra’s lightsaber is more significant beyond Jedi weapon or toy for kids and fans to buy. Ezra’s lightsaber was made from something each of his friends gave him; from his mentor Kanen, the woman who opened his eyes to the good that the rebels do Hera, the Lesat who taught him the value of life Zeb, the pretty badass girl he had a crush on Sabine, and the selfish droid who gave up power cells for that lightsaber Chopper.


It makes this final shot of Ezra holding a Sith holocron even more saddening. Ezra is alone separated from those important to him. Even more saddening is that Ezra activates this holocron showing that he is tapping deeper into the dark side of the force.

We will have to wait and see what will happen to the rebels after these events and how the Rebel Alliance will continue without the guidance of Ahsoka Tano and what will become of Ezra and Kanen to see if they will survive the series (if Disney is ok with them being killed off or worse.)

Let’s Talk About Ahsoka Tano

Let’s try something a little different, I’m going to talk about an animated character I’ve recently found to be pretty interesting, and yes it’s because an important matter that needed to be addressed concerning her existence will finally be addressed; I’m talking about the fate of Ahsoka Tano.

Spoilers from this point on concerning Star Wars Clone wars and Star Wars Rebels. 

Before I continue I will say I’m sorry to Star Wars fans, I’m going based off the new canon, yes I know you all still aren’t happy about your entire expanded universe being set on fire, I understand it’s not easy to overcome. Please don’t get pissy on this blog, there are other parts of the internet for you to express your anger and grief over with other fans with the same feelings.

When the world was first introduced to Ahsoka Tano, she didn’t have too many fans, it’s not hard to see why. She was introduced in a Star Wars movie that probably should have been a tv special than theatrical release and she was obviously the mandatory kid character for the kids watching The Clone Wars to relate to. Oh and she was Anakin Skywalker’s padawan.

When I first saw Ahsoka my thoughts were ‘when this series ends…it’s not going to be pleasant for her.’ There were many possibilities to her fate; she was killed offscreen during the events of Revenge of the Sith, or she died at some point late in the clone wars helping in the fall of Anakin Skywalker to the darkside.

By season five we were all pleasantly surprised by the character, yes she was the typical token kid and had typical token kid episodes, but she got better as the series went on. She did missions on her own, held her own in a fight, was reckless and sensable as a jedi and saved the day her fair share of times.

Then came the season five finale; Ahsoka was framed by her friend Barriss Offee for a terrorist attack and was being held on trial. It was then that Ahsoka truly grew up, through this trial she discovered she had more in common with the bounty hunter Asajj Ventress than she believed and through Bariss’ betrayal and confession questioned the jedi order and through many realizations left the order.

For three years no news came from the character, until March 2nd 2015 where Ahsoka’s importance to the Star Wars universe was revealed. Up until four years before the events of A New Hope the rebels had been functioning through multiple cells with only one member of each rebel cell being given need to know information so that incase one member of the crew was caught, no rebel secrets would be lost.

Until the Ghost crew performed a rescue mission for one of it’s members. It was then the mysterious Fulcrum made a decision to change rebel cell protocal and unite all the cells as a full rebellion and the identity of Fulcrim was revealed to be Ahsoka Tano. That’s right, the kid created to appeal to younger characters became the woman who had united the rebels against the Empire.

Throughout season 2 of Rebels Ahsoka has been keeping an eye on bigger events trying to piece things together and find the fate of Anakin. Things have been hard on her and many fans are convinced she will be killed in her fight against Darth Vader at the end of the season. Some new revelations have been presented though; what if Ahsoka hadn’t left the jedi order? Could she have reasoned with Anakin and the Jedi masters to not punish Anakin for his secret life with Padme? Could she have kept Anakin on the light side and prevented the horrors that would have happened at Revenge of the Sith?

It’s all so interesting to see how someone so minor became so important. I’m convinced she will not live past the events of Rebels season 2, but we’ll wait and see.


Still going to school, getting some graduation stuff done this week to make sure I’m finished with school in December. Haven’t been reading too many non-school related stuff. Things are going as smoothly as they can within my power. Any of you got advice on what to do with a malfunctioning ereader?

Thoughts on Fresh Off the Boat: Year of the Rat

I’m doing things a little different today, today I’m reviewing one single episode of a tv show, and a tv show I really like known as Fresh Off the Boat.

First happy Chinese New Year, yes I realize the irony of a Mexican saying that, but my sisterinlaw is Chinese and I’ve learned some things about the culture and enjoy the food she sends, so this is for you Diana.

It is Chinese New Year and the Huangs are getting ready to take off to DC to celebrate Chinese New Year with their family and everyone is excited including Grandma Huang, but due to a scheduling error by Luis the Huangs can’t make it over.

The family is a little put off for various reasons, but try to keep their chins up and make each other happy despite this set back. However after a bad experience with a local Asian group the family goes into a deep bout of depression.

This episode took a very different turn from the usual antics the family gets into and we see the Huang family authentically beaten down for the first time in the series and this time it’s not played for laughs. For the first time since moving to Florida they truly feel isolated, there are a few laughs in the episode but it takes a back seat to see how the family handles this predicament.

However there was a light at the end of the tunnel, the friends that the Huangs made in Florida since moving there put effort into a makeshift Chinese New Year celebration for them (even the women from the neighborhood Jessica hated on the first episode but are best friends with her youngest son). Some actually researched the traditions and dancing styles of the celebration. Keep in mind that this is 1996, ten years before YouTube would become a household name and the internet was still slow and your best bet to get accurate research would be from a library and the books they have to offer and vhs tapes of said dance routines and music if one is lucky.

There is also some educational facts about Chinese New Year that would normally be shoved into a PBS children’s show.

I’ll give the episode five out of five red envelopes.

Thoughts on Star Wars The Force Awakens

Last night I had the privilege of going to the midnight showing of Star Wars The Force Awakens. I’ll be honest and say that when it was announced there would be new movies for Star Wars the thoughts that came to my mind were ‘okay’, ‘there are going to be a lot of happy fans, there are going to be a lot of pissed off fans’ (like seriously they can’t be happy the Chewbacca is alive again?).

I generally ignored most of the hype for the new film intentionally because I had outgrown Star Wars a long time ago when my taste in story telling started to become more sophisticated and basic battles between good and evil just didn’t cut it anymore. I didn’t care for The Clone Wars cartoon show and the expanded universe had become too large for me (and my wallet) to handle.

A year ago though I met my friend Karla and she and her husband are huge fans. I was pleased to discover her son shared my name, and the bond started from there that slowly got me back into the Star Wars franchise.It wasn’t easy getting back into it because I still saw flaws in some of the story telling and as I’ve said before Doctor Who is my primary fandom. As the trailers for The Force Awakens continued to be released I saw something that I had wanted to see for a long time from Star Wars, but never got.

A female protagonist. In the original trilogy we had Leia as the token girl and one of the three main heroes who was revealed to be a force sensitive and nothing more came from it outside of the expanded universe. For the prequel trilogy we had Padme, a badass politician with no force powers. We were eventually given Ahsoka Tano who although is cool is also still primarily an expanded universe character that fans of the movies would have nearly no idea existed.

Spoilers from this point forward, if you do not wish to be spoiled please do not read past this. I’m sorry, I know the internet promised not to give any spoilers concerning Star Wars The Force Awakens, I am actually not posting any huge spoilers, but this particular topic of feminism and Star Wars requires one spoiler. PLEASE DO NOT KILL ME!

A few months ago I finally saw the trailer and saw the character Rey, it looked like she was the new token girl with the main focus being on the character Finn who went from being a Storm Trooper to badass jedi hero and Poe a cool ace pilot.

As trailers continued though more focus was pushed on Rey, and a theory started bubbling in my head; ‘what if Finn isn’t the new Luke, but rather it’s Rey?’ As more trailers and materials were released I was becoming more and more convinced that Star Wars would make the official leap from ‘only boys can save the day and girls help out’ to ‘anyone can save the day.’

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, what you are thinking is indeed true. Rey is our true protagonist, don’t get me wrong Finn, Poe, BB8, and our original trilogy heroes are still important, but our new primary hero is a heroin.

She was compassionate, she had hurt in her life, she longed for more. She knows her technology (she LIVES in the wreckage of a spaceship!) And she is far more important than what anyone is lead to believe.

To further cement the shift of a primarily boy cast we have Leia going from a princess to a general, we also have Maz Kanata who is ‘the Yoda’ of this new trilogy. She’s a good one hundred years older than Yoda, has no force powers, but more than enough wisdom to piece together what is happening with the galaxy.

The movie wasn’t an overly blatant “woo feminism!” experience that I’m making it out to be, but everything was subtle where a normal person wouldn’t even notice it since most people don’t know about the the bechdel test (which the movie does pass).

There is a focus on families, forgiveness, and living beyond what you were led to be. I give Star Wars the Force Awakens ten out of ten lightsabers.


Last night we said goodbye to the television show Glee, after six seasons, countless (okay it’s probably countable, I just don’t feel like looking it up) solos and covers the little awkward tv show about show choir has come to an end. It has been six years of sloppy character development, one season of mocking PSAs and the rest of the series being a giant PSA for everything from bullying and LGBT rights to suicide prevention and stopping discrimination against special needs.

No this blog is not solely about the finale, or the singing, or what happens to the characters. It’s about the show as a whole. It started out quirky which attracted most of it’s audience, alienated it’s audience with season two, and got weird with season three and four.

I watched the first three seasons before deciding ‘there’s better ways to spend my Tuesday nights’ and moving onto NCIS and Arrow as my entertainment. I started the series the summer after it’s first season with a ‘i honestly don’t care’ attitude and continued watching with that same attitude. Then season two came, it started off with the feeling that ‘yeah we’re big shots and we can’t be cancelled by FOX for atleast another two seasons’ but then I saw Grilled Cheesus (which is still my favorite episode) where the topic of religion and atheism was tackled in a shockingly mature way. Kurt the atheist was going through a hard time and didn’t approve of his friends who all happened to be believe in God. Kurt doesn’t convert to Christianity/worshiping the God of Abraham, but thanks his friends for giving him the support needed during his time of crisis and apologizes for the way he treated his friends. Kurt’s friends in return apologize for trying to force him to convert to a belief system and judging him for being an atheist.

The rest of season two can be summed up as “the Rachel show,” with everything focusing on Rachel and Kurt getting a love interest and Santana and Britney’s throw away gag about having sex with each other becoming a full blown relationship. And alot of Tina and Mercedes getting the short end of the stick of anything concerning plot.

Concerning the topics that the series tackled, I really don’t know if it did or did not do anything for the LGBT community. The show premiered when gay rights had become something already in the media, it’s first season took place during the end of the show Ugly Betty that had a gay kiss shared between two teenage boys under eighteen that I feel helped the world get ready for everything that would happen between Kurt and Blain. But did it really do anything for the LGBT community? I don’t know, one character from season six (Spencer) comments that gays became the norm because of Modern Family, not so much the actions of the Glee club. If it did get the world to be accepting of gays then great! If not, then I’m sure it helped someone out there concerning LGBT rights.

Did the show really need to tackle a topic like bullying the way it did in season two? At the time I would have said no since all the glee kids were picked on at some point during season one and treated as a form of comedy. Now being older, maybe those plots concerning bullying were necessary. It is a running theme in the series through all of the seasons, I think the more important thing to care about is how the characters dealt with.

At first the main conflict of bullying (Kurt being an openly gay student) had no choice but to flee his school in fear of his life and wanting safety for his friends. When he returns to McKinnly highschool he chooses to face his bullies, after discovering one of them is in love with him. The issue dies down, but the topic of bullying resurfaces frequently going beyond characters being picked on because they’re gay.Unique is pressured and bullied for being a transgender, Santana goes through her own pain because she’s a lesbian, Kurflousky having a horrible time after being outed in public by his peers and mother, Marley being picked on for having a plus sized mother and being poor, Ryder having a learning disability, Roderick because of his weight, Shannon/Sheldon Beist for not being lady like (she then suffers from spousal abuse), then also suffering from being discriminated against after changing her gender to a male by Vocal Adrenalin. All of these characters presented something for weekly viewers (most of them in their teens) a lesson about being bullied. Face the problem, have courage, don’t take a violent approach, but face the problem.

Inbetween the fourth and fifth season the death of Cory Monteith occurred. It was an event that brought me back to the series. It’s safe to say all fans were affected by his death, his character Finn was killed off with him. All of the aftershocks of this death affected the plot of the show for the remaining seasons. Even if it was tragic, it may have been something fans needed. If the fans needed Glee to handle being bullied, becoming comfortable with their sexuality then the topic of losing a loved one was needed.

The actor and character were different, but it was still tragic. The series ended on a positive note though. All characters got a “happily ever after” in a hopeful future, a future that the world of Glee had always hoped for.

Thoughts on Frozen Fever (oh and I guess Cinderella)

It’s like a rated G version of Ever After; it’s not bad, it’s not amazing, but it’s not bad. The same plot of every other Cinderella story is present in this adaptation. There really isn’t much to say about the movie in general. Feminists will more than likely not be happy with the film for the (logical) reasoning that Cinderella is running off with a man she barely knows; the only redeeming thing about that is that she’s willing to reject the marriage to keep the country safe from her stepmother.

Christians will love the film; it’s clean, no flashy sexy dresses, no adult humor whatsoever (that I could find anyways), strong messages of showing kindness to any and all people along with a message snuck in at the last minute I feel is important. It was clumsily shoved into the plot, but a key scene towards the end of the movie after Cinderella tries on the glass slipper and agrees to marry the prince is that as she’s exiting her house she looks straight into her stepmother’s eyes and says something that many people find hard to say. “I forgive you.” It’s simple, but it’s a message many Christians have a hard time fulfilling and teaching. To drive it even further Cinderella doesn’t even enact revenge on her stepsisters and stepmother for what they did to her like in some variations of the fairy tale.

All in all Cinderella is a nice movie and a nice breather from the streak of dark movies Disney has been releasing the past couple of years. It has two and a half glass slippers out of five.

Okay let’s get to the real reason you all paid nearly ten dollars for this movie. Frozen Fever; the long awaited sequel to the 2013 hit film Frozen. It’s cute, you get Idena Menzel singing a duet with Kirsten Bell through most of it and Kirstoff being the desired boyfriend everyone secretly wants (even the straight men). I honestly don’t want to spoil any of that, everyone should enjoy it for themselves.

Thoughts on Steven Universe Season Finale

Today was the season finale to Steven Universe, and it was very good; it lived up to the hype built up the past few episodes had been making about the gem known as Peridot coming to earth to unleash all kinds of modern gem-kind hell.

Spoilers from this point on, if you don’t want to be spoiled then do not read.

Following in the graceful footsteps of the series finale to Avatar The Legend of Korra Steven Universe provides us with an LGBT couple introduced in the second half of the season finale episode Jail break. Previously the leader of the Crystal Gems Garnet had been defeated at the hands of Jasper with bother her gems being separated. Many fans (myself included) had their theories proven true that Garnet is indeed a fusion gem of Ruby and Sapphire (that part I kind of just threw in because I’m a huge pokemon fan. Something tells me Rebecca Sugar is too.) However we’re shown that Ruby and Sapphire had different personalities with Ruby being a feisty warrior and Sapphire being elegant, lady like, and similar to a princess. Prior to this the fans had just been exposed to four fusions (Opal, Sugilite, Alexandrite, and Stevonnie), all of them temporary fusions because of lack of compatibility (Opal, Alexandrite, and Stevonnie) or had to be defeated (Sugilite).

I had suspected what kind of fusion Garnet was for a while; in Coach Steven was that she was just two gems who “lost themselves” together as Garnet thinking it was better to have a gem like her. Part of my inner self thought ‘what if fusions is like being married?’ after Pear commented that Stevonnie was “inappropriate” for Steven and Connie and the large grin on Garnet’s face

I think it’s gread that Steven Universe is joining in by having LGBT characters, but does it really count since the whole gem population is female? Debatable; this topic along with gem fusions is for another entry.

The episodes themselves really show how far Steven has not only come since the beginning of the series, but also how far Steven himself has come since the episodes Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem and losing his healing powers shortly afterwards. The long lived fear that Steven’s humanity was making him less effective as a gem proved to be the reason why Steven was even able to execute his rescue mission of the Crystal Gems in the first place.

We also see how far the citizens of Beach City have come too; they know that their city is a target for disaster, but are always trusting that the Crystal Gems ‘always save the day, and even if they can’t they’ll always find a way, believing in Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl and Steven’. However in this episode they realize, their heroes may not be able to protect them and abandon beach city and show concern for each other when Greg and Steven have a car accident. Not sure if Connie’s parents are still unaware of the kind of universe they live in, but I’m pretty sure they evacuated.

The gems really are placed to the test; all of their technology and the fusion of Opal (that should give you an idea of how grave the situation is) prove to be useless against Peridot and Jasper’s machines. They strike back with grace against their opponents making easy work of Peridot and Garnet being able to defeat Jasper with the power of love.

We also get the return of Lapis Lazuli from the midseason finale; Lapis is taken prisoner and isn’t happy with the gem homeworld and what they’ve become. In an effort to make up for the wrong she’s (minisculely) responsible for she agrees to fuse with Jasper into Malachite and trap themselves at the bottom of the ocean. It’s a pretty tragic end to her character since all she wanted to do was go home and her home having become a horrible place.

In the end The Return and Jail Break were a great way to finish up season one of Steven Universe. I think for season two they’ll return to the format of writing that the start of season one had of having a Monster of the Week format along with hints of what could happen; Peridot is somewhere on earth, but has no power to fight the gems without her technology (I think she’ll become comic relief), the Crystal Gems have access to modern gem technology now that Pearl can probably reverse engineer to be of use to them, there’s still the threat of Yellow Diamond, the mystery of Lion, and the possibility of Rose living on through Steven to gather plot driven episodes from.

I give it five cookie cat icecream bars out of five,