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Thoughts on She Said Yes

Sixteen years have passed since the Columbine Massacre; it’s still a devastating thing to know that no studentĀ is truly safe in the education system with the news of school shootings and students getting attacked and injured at school more frequently. I didn’t think much of what happened since I was still in gradeschool and felt fairly safe in my environment. However now that I go to college that’s literally less than a mile from Mexico, have friends living in Matamoros Mexico who live a life of safety and security during the day on the school campus and a nightmare on the other side of the bridge at night, I can’t help but feel very weak.

Shortly after I had reverted from atheism to being catholic when I was seventeen a friend of mine introduced me to the band Flyleaf and the song Cassie caught my attention. I don’t know why, but I felt that I was destined to read the book She Said Yes based on Cassie Bernell. I knew at that point that the misunderstanding that Cassie was a martyr wasn’t true, but something called me to read the book anyways.

I think it’s one of the most important books I’ve ever read; not so much that I need to know about saying Yes to God every day of my life (that was a big message I got from the book though), but that Cassie was like me. She was religious yes, but she was a person too. She liked books, did homework, went to school, and the last words said to her mother were ‘I love you too mom’. I think something important to get out of the book is that for a while Cassie wasn’t so different from her peers Eric and Dylan.

I think the whole thing is sad still, I think of the fact that at this point Cassie, Eric, Dylan, and everyone else could be in their thirties, groaning over the mundane of facebook, tagging each other in wedding photos, and those things just weren’t meant to be.