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Thoughts on The Lunar Chronicles: Winter

WINTER IS HERE! And has been here since November, and yes it’s been two months since I finished winter, but once again higher education takes higher priority than this little blog I do.

Before I get to the spoilers let me say that I was heavily satisfied with the book, the pacing was very well done with an equal amount of screen time dedicated to each protagonist and chapters ending on deadly cliffhangers for each character making me frequently have mini heart attacks one of my favorite characters may die. Now then onto the spoilers.

Spoilers from this if you do not wish to be spoiled do not read beyond this bold text.

First, EVERYONE LIVES YAY! And although my horrible fear of Iko dying or something horrible happening to Cress, or any of the other main protagonists did not happen, this may be a flaw, but I will get to that later.

As I said earlier the pacing between each character was very well done this time, we even got new characters Winter and Jacin enough development to fully flesh out they were and what their motives are in this science fiction adaption of Snow White (also bonus points for making Scarlet the Ruby Red to Winter’s Snow White).

Winter would be a near Mary Sue character for being not only the perfection of beauty both body and soul, but being skilled in not only crafts, but also restoring a home (no really, she rebuilding a house for about two weeks), the thing that keeps her from being a Mary Sue though is the fact that she’s slowly going insane from not using her Lunar Gift and these arts and crafts she does keep her mind occupied thinly preserving her sanity. She’s also resourceful, a little insane in her war strategies, but resourceful.┬áJacin is a combination of Prince Charming and the Huntsman from the Snow White tale.

We also meet Wolf’s mother, as one would expect she lives long enough to meet Scarlet and dies violently and tragically as any other kind mother would in any other YA book.

As I said earlier each chapter ends with a dramatic cliffhanger for each character giving us the thought that literally any of our protagonists can die with Cress, Cinder, and Iko having the largest amount of cliffhangers that could have lead to their demise.

Unfortunately although I am happy everyone made it out alive (granted they are beaten down pretty bad physically by the end of the novel), that is the primary problem I have with Winter. There is a lot of build up that there will be sacrifices, loved ones will die, ships will be destroyed by death and killing and that there will indeed be consequences for the actions of Cinder and her friends would have to face that just doesn’t happen. Excluding the entire city of Lunar refugees and those killed during the lunar civil war we only have about six named protagonists die.

I give The Lunar Chronicles Winter four and a half lunar apple flavored candies out of five.

Isle of the Lost (it’s probably better than the movie it’s a prequel to)

I saw the trailer to Disney’s Descendants and imminently thought “this is awful, if the fictional characters in Once Upon a Time saw this, they’d wage war on Disney Channel.” It has potential, but it probably will be as good as Highschool Musical or Camprock, which isn’t saying much since those two were made to get money off the parents of the kids who watched them. The characters introduced looked one dimensional, and clearly I’m not the target audience. The only interest I have in it is Kristen Chenoweth playing Maleficent. I decided to not show interest because I’m an adult, I’m not the target audience, and because I have Once Upon a Time for my needs. Then a book was announced called Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel. I debated on buying it since the book isn’t your typical YA novel; It is aimed for a younger teens, possibly even children between nine and twelve. I decided to give the book a shot if I came across it. Thanks to Target I came across the book and purchased it. I will say I did like it, it was predictable, some of the characterization of well known Disney villains along with plot holes as to how these villains got children (particularly Mother Gothel…) There are snippits of life off the island with Ben son of Belle and Prince Adam and his life in becoming a king for the land of Auradon and foreshadowing between the relationship between him and Mal daughter of Maleficent. It is interesting to see how the children of Disney villains aren’t loved by their parents especially in comparison to Regina and Maleficent of the tv show Once Upon a Time. There is also the issue of the reduced usage of magic between both heroes and villains. Not much else can be said about it, I will say it probably kilometers better than the movie it’s a prequel to. I’ll give the book three poison apples out of five.