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YouTube Red Review

After installing YouTube music on my phone hoping for convenience to listen to music without having to keep the YouTube app open I accidentally activated a free trial to YouTube Red. Something that wasn’t mentioned for YouTube music commercials was the need to activate the YouTube Red app.

After making sure that I wouldn’t be charged if I didn’t deactivate the account in time I figured I would give it a shot. First let me say that two weeks isn’t really enough time to fully use YouTube Red beyond what was my original intentions of installing YouTube music. I had seen promotional commercials for YouTube Red with Prank Academy as one of it’s main shows. I had brushed it off as “eh” because I have no problem sitting through commercials. Looking at the quality of ┬ácontent based off of commercials it reminded me of the (now dead) website take180.com where tv shows were made that were usually 180 seconds. Sadly as stated earlier take180 was axed by Disney and as a final nail in the coffin ALL of it’s content has been removed from the internet.

I will say it was a shockingly pleasant experience using YouTube Red; it was just a small relief not to hear any commercials when waiting for a video, and as I stated earlier listening to music without having to keep the app open was great (considering the Sailor Moon Crystal soundtrack is currently not available in the United States for legal purchasing).

I didn’t find too many YouTube Red originals that caught my attention, but I did enjoy Single by 30. I liked that some of these shows were made with YouTubers who already had established named collaborating together.

I did enjoy my YouTube Red experience, and I understand that all their original shows need money to conitnue being supported, however one good show is not enough for me to pay 9.99 a month, in comparison to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu services where I’m guaranteed I can find what I’m looking for and watch it for 9.99+ a month (at this time I am tight on cash).

I give YouTube Red three and a half stars (because let’s be honest that was a better ratings system than Thumbs up or thumbs down)

The Fault in Our Stars (yo, where you been?)

First, let me say that higher education has higher priorities than this little blog where I write about books and television shows I like. It has been a tough semester, but it’s over and I can enjoy my winter break. Now on with my little blog.

I reluctantly read The Fault in Our Stars, mainly because judging from the way the movie was advertised it seemed like one cheesy ass romance novel involving a girl with cancer as it’s main gimmick. Then again I managed to avoid all commercials for the movie version of The Fault in Our Stars because I was busy with school and family issues to watch normal tv. I bought it because a friend guilted me into it. I will admit, I like the constant snark between Hazel and Augustus so much more than any other romantic couple I’ve read ever!
I also thought a lot about someone I knew who had leukemia and passed away when I was nine. I’m not going too deep into that subject, but I wondered what kind of individual he would have grown into based on reading what Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac go through.
I like that John Green chose to make Hazel more of a fangirl rather than a girl who is ‘so damn educated, but pale and unusual to fit in or have a guy ever notice my plainness’. I mean Hazel still is plain, but she’s beyond being the Mary Sue of YA novels thanks to her snarky ways and fangirl tendencies toward her favorite book and unusual enjoyment of America’s Next Top Model (do they even show that anymore?).
I also like that John Green didn’t make Hazel and Augustus the typical ‘we believe in God, but we’re not religious’ couple and had them both as agnostics with Hazel leaning more towards atheism and Augustus acknowledging that there is a creator rather than the God of Abraham.
I will recommend it, but not because of how popular it is, but because of how good it is without all the hype surrounding it.