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The Reason by Lacey Sturm

I am a fan of Lacey Sturm, the music she made with the band Flyleaf and continues to create had a huge influence on me in my late teens at the end of a period of life where I lived life as an atheist. No her music wasn’t what caused me to turn around, I didn’t hear it until about six months after I decided to return to belief. I will say I can relate to the music she and Flyleaf created.
When I discovered Lacey Sturm would be leaving Flyleaf a few years ago I was sad, but I understood without her saying any reasons for doing so. She had just become a mother and a close friend of her’s had just passed away earlier that year.
She announced that maybe she’d write a book. A couple of years later we have her book The Reason. I preorded it on Amazon since I felt I needed to actually own the book rather than just download a digital copy to my Kobo ereader.It came in today. I’ll be honest and say I nearly forgot about this blog since I’ve been primarily occupied with higher education. I didn’t intend to say much about it since I’m pretty quiet about my religious beliefs and experiences these days. I haven’t even finished this book yet, I’m only five chapters in, but I feel such a strong understanding of everything Lacey speaks of.
I recommend it.