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Tonight, well this morning we’re doing something different.
I read today/last night that the teenager Leela Halcorn chose to taker her life on December 22 at the age of seventeen. Leela was like a small percentage of the world where she was born different. She was born in the body of a boy. Leela came out to her mother as a transgender and, sadly, her mother said it was impossible because “God doesn’t make mistakes”.
It’s devastating to hear statements like that, even more devastating to know that Leela’s family chose to dishonor her and call her Joshua. What hurts the most is that Leela, though disowned by her family, wasn’t too far from turning 18. I know life can be rougher living alone at 18 with barely anything, but it is freedom as an adult.
I think it affects me the most because I did have a friend who committed suicide when I was 21.Even though I hid my hurt from my friends and family, it was one of the most painful things to live through. I cried over it for a full year, I cried over the knowledge that I saw the signs of it and did nothing to prevent it.
I wish someone could have told Leela that there are people out there who could take her in, who would love her unconditionally, that would support her true self. I wish someone could have reminded her that if she could just wait until eighteen she would be able to be herself.
Even though I am catholic, I don’t believe people who commit suicide go to hell. It’s a selfish decision I agree, but they suffer too. They need help and love.
So please, do pray for her and if you see someone who is in her situation, or anyone at all hurting, approach them. Smile at them. Love them. Please.


Legend of Korra Series Finale (part 1)

Spoilers Ahead
MY SHIP WON!!!!!!! Oh and something about the dramatic battle between the Air Nomads, Bei Fong family, Korra against Kuvira.
I will eventually get to that later on, right now I want to talk about the last five minutes of the episode. After the battle of Republic City is over everyone is gathered to attend Verick and Zhu Lee’s wedding. We get some moments between Korra and Mako that hints a little that the two may become an item again. Then a semi father/daughter moment between Tenzin and Korra, and finally what was thought to be small chat between Korra and Asami with Asami grateful that Korra was still alive despite losing her father in the battle.. Little did anyone know and to the delight of many lgbt shippers, the ship known as KorrAsami was made official.
Normally I don’t care for shipping, I wasn’t sure if KorrAsami originally started as a joke or not, but I liked the pairing because they were two mature women who handled the relationship between shared love for a man very well. Despite this Korra and Asami’s friendship proved to be stronger. Then more hints were dropped, I wasn’t sure if the creators were trolling the fandom, or just sending out strong themes of friendship between women.

I think this is beautiful that the creators of Avatar The Legend of Korra decided to start a healthy relationship between Korra and Asami. I also think it’s a really hopeful message to the lgbt community and lgbt youth watching the series. I feel that words can’t properly describe my joy over the series finale and the unintentional message evolving beyond “girls can save the day just as easily as guys,” to “anyone can save the day, even if you love someone of the same gender.”

The Fault in Our Stars (yo, where you been?)

First, let me say that higher education has higher priorities than this little blog where I write about books and television shows I like. It has been a tough semester, but it’s over and I can enjoy my winter break. Now on with my little blog.

I reluctantly read The Fault in Our Stars, mainly because judging from the way the movie was advertised it seemed like one cheesy ass romance novel involving a girl with cancer as it’s main gimmick. Then again I managed to avoid all commercials for the movie version of The Fault in Our Stars because I was busy with school and family issues to watch normal tv. I bought it because a friend guilted me into it. I will admit, I like the constant snark between Hazel and Augustus so much more than any other romantic couple I’ve read ever!
I also thought a lot about someone I knew who had leukemia and passed away when I was nine. I’m not going too deep into that subject, but I wondered what kind of individual he would have grown into based on reading what Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac go through.
I like that John Green chose to make Hazel more of a fangirl rather than a girl who is ‘so damn educated, but pale and unusual to fit in or have a guy ever notice my plainness’. I mean Hazel still is plain, but she’s beyond being the Mary Sue of YA novels thanks to her snarky ways and fangirl tendencies toward her favorite book and unusual enjoyment of America’s Next Top Model (do they even show that anymore?).
I also like that John Green didn’t make Hazel and Augustus the typical ‘we believe in God, but we’re not religious’ couple and had them both as agnostics with Hazel leaning more towards atheism and Augustus acknowledging that there is a creator rather than the God of Abraham.
I will recommend it, but not because of how popular it is, but because of how good it is without all the hype surrounding it.